Participants say about my trainings:

I do recommend this training!
(Scale 1-10)

95 % of participants recommend my trainings! 


I like it!
(scale 1-5)

High satisfaction rate with 4,6 

Source: Questionnaire at the end of training or online tool
TIming: 2011-2019



>> Maren Wölfl has supported me in a difficult phase of my life with lots of empathy. With her individualized overall approach and great intuition we were able to set up next steps for my professional career. I felt much stronger and enabled after the coaching. Thanks a lot, dear Maren
Christina S., Vienna

>> Misses Wölfl facilitated the workshop in a very professional and structured way. We are very grateful for the important and useful inputs and suggestions. In addition her refreshing and kind personality contributed a lot to this diverse and varied morning session.
Monika M., Linz

>> Lots of thanks for your support and having the overview throughout the whole process. Everything was great.:-)

>> Maren was able to support each participant individually. I would have liked to do more practical exercises (tools for regeneration, ...)

>> Maren communicates very clearly, gives lots of own examples, she creates a quiet, open and trusting atmosphere and takes her time to answer questions. In additon she is able to combine the theory and the more spiritual/emotional part very well - both parts belong together when becoming parents. Thanks, Maren!
Petra S., Wien

>> Great topic; Exciting, would love to get to know more; For this topic you would need more time; Friendly speaker; I liked it; Clothes too casually for business; Speaks too fast; I  liked it; Not too many news; Good overwie in a short time; I was positively surprised; Will dig deeper into this topic; Great speeck; Awesome information; Too less time for this topic;  Entertaining; Interesting; Fun - thanks; Kind, friendly and positive appearance; Very informative
Feedback from participants of a one-hour speech

>> Thanks to Maren my work-life balance is back on the right track, even in stressful situations I am able to act better and in a more efficient and respectful way.

>> With her pleasant and empathetic personality Maren addresses my needs in a very intuitive and consequent manner without losing the focus. In particular I liked her variety of used methods and tools.

>> .. very interactive training with lots of interaction, real-life examples and good tipps.

>> Thanks for the open communication in a small group and the heaps of tools I am able to easily implement at home.

>>  I liked the fact, that we talked about the problems in order to find solutions or ways to improve the situation. 

>> Very flexible agenda addressing the needs of the participants.

>> Now I know how to balance my private and professional life even better!

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