1:1 Coaching

When - if not now? 

Are you looking for:
- individual tools to cope with your current challenges
- strategies and possibilities to reach your individual goals
- something new, reflecting your talents and personality

Together we work on solutions - tailor-made for your current situation:

Please choose one of my offers:
I am at your side for a designated period of time!

- Pre-talk:
current status, define goals and get-to know each other 
- one-to-one coachings: prepared agenda, work on steps to reach goals, inspirations, recommended actions
- Quick in-between inspirations 

includes BASIC and in addition: 
- catch-up calls in between coachings:
short input and finetuning 
- tools und tips: ongoing know-how sharing via articles, videos, mental exercises - food for thought to deepen process 

includes PREMIUM and in addition: 
- meetings-on-demand:
I am your sparring partner withing the designated time frame (within 24 hours)
- written documentation of process, exercises and recommendations for next steps 

The costs fo the package depend on the amount of coachings taking place. I recommend a package of 5-10 coaching session in order to achieve sustainable results.

All meetings will take place online via zoom, webex, skype, WhatsApp, ... or face-to-face

Find a detailed overview of my coaching options: 
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