Respect, passion, positive thinking, purposeful and openness - these are the topics and values, that are important to me personally. I would like to live them every in my private and business life. I am constantly looking for new inspiring ideas and for the potential to make every day a valuable one. I'd like to stay mentally fit and enjoy life. 
My glass is half full - what about yours?

Different target groups, roles and working for different companies enrich
my day. I am curious and enjoy diversity. 
My vision lies in creating a better working world by working with the
mindset of people.

What are you thinking and feeling? 
Where is your focus?
Where is personal improvement possible and how to live your talents?
How do I react and treat myself and others?

I support participants, leaders, managers and coachees to reach their individual goals, master their personal challenges and find new ways. I would like to contribute to your success in order for you to be aware and walk your own paths - of course together with others!

A better balance between work and private life for employees of companies leads to more succesful and profitable companies. The benefit of family friendly entreprises is well known and can be easily confirmed with hard facts. 

In addition I am a very positive person, looking for my "Schlupflöcher" (translation??:-) and possibilities. It doesn not matter if I am working or being with my familie or friends. When doing something, I do it with lots of joy and passion. I love my life and my job!

After spending 7 months in Asia and having worked and gained experience in various international leadership poitions in Germany and Austria for a several years I started my new chapter. For more than 10 years I have my own consulting and training company.

Further to my study in the states I gained lots of experience when working and travelling abroad. I lived in and visited about 80 countries and even today we love travelling with and without our kids. 
Openness, Interest in "being different" and walking new ways - this is what I would like to be a role model for and encourage others to live.
As a private person I love being a mum of three gorgeous (and sometimes immensely annoying) children, juggle it "all" on a daily basis and enjoy time with my children.

Everything is going to be fine in the end. 
If it's not fine, it's not the end.
(Oscar Wilde)
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